Articles will be published in the journal ” Toruń Studies –  fides ratio, patrio”.
(4 pts)
The condition for inclusion  the article in the journal is a positive review.

Editorial requirements:

Texts shall be sent to the email address – in a text file (.doc,.docx, .RTF,.ODT, etc.)by 30 June 2016

Format of the text:
– Times New Roman font, size 12, footnote-size 10,
– margins of 2.5 cm;
– leading (line spacing) 1.5;
– text justified ( aligned to the left and right margins);
– paragraph- indent 1.25 cm

The submitted text must be accompanied by a summary in Polish and English, half page print ( 800-1500 characters with spaces) and a short biographical note about the author, containing information about author’s research interests, current publications, etc.

The volume of articles should contain between 12 to 20 pages of standardized computer text( with footnotes)

Quotes should contain only quotation marks. Quotation marks should be used also for magazines titles ( in the main text).Use square brackets in quotes […]; if in the cited text is a quotation mark, it should be denoted as follows >> <<;

The tables are always numbered, on the bottom of the table we put  a source of information;

Headlines  and the names of the chapters, sections are always displayed in bold.

Don’t put quotation marks with the names of political parties.

Rules for drawing up the footnotes:
– the footnotes should be put in the bottom of the page;
– footnotes should be numbered in ascending order using Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.);
– in the titles of books and articles always use italics;
– citing a Web source, you must provide the full address of the Web page, together with the date of access
– foreign language footnotes use transcription or transliteration (one form ).
– Consistently  use Latin abbreviations: ibid, eadem, op. cit., without italics;

Charts and tables: charts and tables included in articles should be pasted into a text file in a place where they are to be included in the publication; number and title should be put above chart, or table, the source- below it, in italics, font Times New Roman size 9 or 10, consistently throughout the text; the text contained in the table, description and values on the chart should be written in Times New Roman, size 9 or 10, consistently throughout the text.